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 money problems

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PostSubject: money problems   Sun Jul 25, 2010 5:47 am

as some of you may know i have recently got my moped on the road, although this has put a massive weigh on me regarding money. i owe my mum £60 for insurance, i will need to pay for petrol, my insurance is £30 a month and i need money to spend on personal things (clothes, games etc). at the moment im not earning enough to keep up with all this so i might be getting a job. this means i might not be able to play during the day and theres a possibility i might not be on every night. i know this is going to screw things up if the leader isnt there very much. if this does happen then there will be a definate change with the clan. this change isnt a certainty and the job might not be full time but its just an early warning, dont get too worried about possible consequenses.

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Live and die on this day
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money problems
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